Customer Service

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We know that buying welding equipment requires more planning than most other tools you'll buy. At Central Welding Supply our mission is to offer the direct service our customers need to make sure their investment will serve the intended purpose. Our Customer Service is provided through personal contact from someone who knows the equipment in inventory, and hears the feedback first hand on how specific equipment meets the demands of a task. We make recommendations for our online customers just as we do to our in-store customers. We invest in the privilege of having them come back through our doors.

In-Store Service Online!

At Central Welding Supply our everyday business is about providing excellent customer service through our 22 physical locations throughout Western Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Our extensive sales staff works hand in hand with a broad range of industries and applications. With hands-on experience in welding and fabrication, we are able to help our customers with installations and projects to scale.

Industries we serve:

  • Construction & Metal Fabrication
  • Shipbuilding & Marine
  • Autosports & Autobody
  • Aerospace
  • Refinery
  • Welding Schools/Education

Online Customers:

We offer an equal level of Customer Service to the Home Hobbyist and Students who are just learning to weld! We favor our Home Hobbyist and Student Welders because we recognize the opportunity for a lifelong relationship. We extend the same knowledge and hands-on support we give to every customer who comes into one of our stores. operations run steps away from our in-store sales counter at our Headquarters in Marysville, WA. Our number one task is to answer questions and help our customers choose the right equipment and accessories for their project. We are also available to help troubleshoot every equipment purchase.