Tip Cleaner Set  (choice of 4 sizes)

Tip Cleaner Set (choice of 4 sizes)


Product Details

Tip Cleaners - Choose from 4 styles

Designed for the cleaning of welding and cutting tips, and can also be used to clean sprinkler and shower heads, gas range burners and de-soldering tools, and to allow for precision small hole deburring.

  • Precision manufactured with controlled accurate pressure from high quality stainless steel
  • Uniform ridges wipe and polish the cruitical orifice wall
  • Tapered ends allow smooth easy entry without scratching
  • Smooth leader pilot guides the cleaner into the tip, preventing damage to the tip port
  • Tangle-free closed loops
  • Available in Standard, Master, Jumbo and King sized sets - each guaranteed to be a com0plete set
  • Aluminum case with spool assembly that snaps out for easy addition of cleaners or spline brush