Razorweld Welder Combo

Razorweld Welder Combo



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Razorweld MIG/TIG/ARC 180D
115/230V Single Phase 180 Amp Digital Welder
Light and Portable. 180 amps of MIG, TIG, and ARC output. Highly functional multi-system is powerful, portable and dual voltage. Arc welding capability offers easy electrode welding with high quality results, including cast iron, stainless and low hydrogen. The TIG function is lift Arc start delivering excellent performance, re-stability and functionality. Spool Gun ready function allows for simple connection of the SPGRWA200 Spool Gun for use of thin or softwer wires that don't have the column strength to feed through standard MIG torches, such as aluminum wire.
Includes: 180A Machine, TWC2 10 ft MIG Torch, Earth Lead and Arc Lead 0.62" x 13 ft, Argon Regulator, Power Adapter

TECHNICAL DATA: Power Supply/Phases (V-Ph) 115/230V - 1 +/- 15%; Input Power 9KVA-230V 5 KVA-115V; Amps 10-160A/26.4 V ARC; Output 5-200A/18.0V TIG; No-Load Voltage 65; Duty Cycle @104 degrees 35% @ 200 A TIG 230V, 35% @ 140A 115V, 35% @ 180 A ARC 230V, 35% @ 120 A 115V; Efficiency Power 85%, Factor Protection .0.70; Class Insulation IP21S; Class Size (inch) F; Weight 28.4 lbs; 3 Year Warranty

Razorweld TIG200 AC/DC
115/230V Single Phase 200 Amp AC/DC Welder
Light and Portable. Digital controlled Square Wave AC/DC TIG inverter welder.Step-by-step digital control functions and parameters. HF arc ignition provides Pre Gas with instant arc ignition leaving no tungsten inclusion or contamination. Digital set of Pre Gas Time, Start Current, Up Slope and Down Slope Time, Finish Current Level and Post Gas Time with choice of 2T or 4T trigger function. Digital Pulse Control gives full parameter setting of Peak & Base Current, Pulse Frequency & Pulse Width for control of heat input, penetration and distortion. AC Square Wave Balance gives control of electron flow at the tungsten. Remote amerage control at the foot-pedal. Selectable Tungsten features allows softer arc starts when using small tungsten with thin metals to avoid burn-through on work. DC ARC welding delivers a smooth and stable arc for easy welding of cast iron, stainless and low hydrogen. Dual voltage makes it ideal for both home and industrial work.
Includes: Machine, Foot Pedal, Regulator, Earth Return, WP17 TIG Torch and Adapter

TECHNICAL DATA: Power Supply/Phases (V-Ph) 115/230V - 1 +/- 15%; Input Power 7-230V; Amps 30A 115V, 30A 230V; Output 180A/23V MIG, 160A/26.4V ARC; Welding Current Range No-Load Voltage 10-180A, 53V; Duty Cycle @104 degrees 25% @ 180 MIG 230V, 25% @ 160A 230V; Protection Class IP21S; Weight 21.0 lbs; 3 Year Warranty